The greenbone or butterfish, Odax pullus, a cale of the genus Odax, is found around New Zealand.

The Butterfish lives in the demersal, marine environment.

Butterfish, a fish of the Atlantic Ocean that has a slippery coating of mucus. The butterfish is a food fish that reaches a length of six to nine inches (15 to 23 cm). It has a flattened, rounded body and a small forked tail. More

The family Stromateidae of butterfishes contains 17 species of fish in 3 genera. Butterfishes live in coastal waters off the Americas, western Africa and in the Indo-Pacific. More

The Japanese butterfish (Psenopsis anomala) is a marine fish also known by such names as Melon Seed, Wart Perch (a rather unappetizing name despite the popularity of the fish in Japan), Ibodai (Japanese name) or simply as Butterfish. More

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high-fat butterfish has a tender texture and a rich, sweet flavor. It is usually sold whole and is sometimes smoked. Butterfish can be broiled, baked, grilled or sautéed. Depending on the region, they're also known as dollarfish, Pacific pompano and pomfret. More

Where do you find photos on blue finned butterfish in New Zealand? Read answer... More

A Butterfish is a small fish with sizes ranging from less the 60 grams/pc to a maximum of 300 grams. Average size is between 70 and 100 grams. More

The butterfish has a small mouth with a single row of weak teeth and a concealed upper lip. Its snout is heavy and rounded, and the large eyes are rimmed with fatty tissue. More

The most distinctive characters of the butterfish are its very thin deep body, like a flounder on edge; the fish is only about twice as long as it is deep to the base of its tail fin (the only common Gulf of Maine species of this shape), combined with a single, long, More

butterfish ranges in length from 20 to 30 cm (8 to 12 in); it is valued for its fine taste. It lays its eggs, which are buoyant, between late June and August in deep water. More

Butterfish-also known as harvestfish, pomfret, and Pacific pompano-has a tender texture and a rich, sweet flavor. Because of its small size, usually around eight ounces, and its few bones, butterfish is best cooked whole. More

The secret to successful butterfish cookery is do not overcook. Whichever of the following cooking methods you choose, your butterfish will be cooked when its flesh becomes opaque but is still moist, and can easily be pierced with a fork. More

Butterfish is a small, semipelagic schooling species of commercial importance from Southern New England to Cape Hatteras, although it has been reported from Nova Scotia south to deep waters off Florida (Nichols and Breder 1927, Bigelow and Schroeder 1953). More

The butterfish, Peprilus triacanthus, is a small, bony foodfish weighing up to 0.5 kg, with a thin oval body. Butterfish are short-lived and grow rapidly. Few live to more than 3 years of age, and most are sexually mature at age 1. More

Generally, butterfish larvae are collected in depths between 33 ft and 6000 ft and temperatures between 48 oF and 66 oF. More

Slip the butterfish in, then cover pan and keep liquid at a simmer for about 8 minutes per inch (2.5cm) of thickness. Buying and storing tips Quality butterfish are easy to recognize. Fresh butterfish smells like the ocean, but never fishy. More

Place butterfish in a greased baking dish or wrap in oiled foil and place on a baking sheet. Brush with melted butter or oil and season with salt and pepper, or cover with a piquant sauce. More

The butterfish is a small, round fish distinguishable by its thin, deep body and lack of pelvic or ventral fins. It resembles a flounder swimming on its edge. More

Butterfish (Peprilus triacanthus), are small, bony fish with a thin oval body. Butterfish are fast-growing and live only a few years. They reach lengths of up to 9-10 inches. Butterfish congregate in schools and are commonly found from Southern New England to Cape Hatteras. More

butterfish another name for black cod, or is it a dish made from black cod? And what's black cod? First, about miso butterfish: It's a recipe. Miso is a paste made from soybeans and rice. More

butterfishbutterfish - any of numerous small flat Atlantic food fish having smooth skinPholis gunnellus, rock gunnel, butterfish - slippery scaleless food fish of the northern Atlantic coastal watersstromateid, stromateid fish, butterfish - small marine fish with a short compressed body and feeble More

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butterfish definition but·ter·fish (-fis̸h′) noun pl. butterfish -·fish′, butterfishes -·fish′es any of various fishes (esp. More

Common names

Butterfish in English
Butterfish, greenbone in English
greenbone in English
kelpfish in English
Mararii in Maori (te reo Māori)
丽盔鱚 in Mandarin Chinese
带岩鱚 in Mandarin Chinese
帶岩鱚 in Mandarin Chinese
暗岩鱚 in Chinese (中文)
暗岩鱚 in Mandarin Chinese
麗盔鱚 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Odacidae
Genus : Odax
Species : Odax pullus
Authority : Forster, 1801