Queen snapper

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Queen Snapper Fish Species Information Scientific Fish Name: Etelis oculatus Other Fish Species Names: Regions Fished: Western Atlantic: Bermuda and North Carolina, USA, Gulf of Mexico southward through the Caribbean to Brazil; More

The queen snapper is a deep pink to red on its back and upper sides fading to a light pink to white on its belly. It has a smallish head with big yellow eyes and a slight extended lower jaw. More

Queen Snapper Fishing Information - source: myfwc. More

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The Queen Snapper is bright red on its upper and lower sides, and shaped more like the Yellowtail. It has silvery sides and a deeply forked red tail that continues to lengthen as the fish grows. The eye is very large and yellow. More

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Average yearly commercial harvest for Louisiana of queen snapper is around 8,000 pounds. It is also an excellent table fish and has good demand. For more information on this species, go to: For more information on this species, go to: http://www.fishbase.org/Summary/SpeciesSummary.cfm?genusname=Etelis&speciesname=oculatus http://www.rodnreel.com/gulffish/gulffish. More

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QUEEN SNAPPER - Etelis oculatus Family Lutjanidae, SNAPPERS Descriptions: color of back and upper sides red, lower sides; silvery body long and slender; dorsal fin distinctly notched; large eyes; caudal fin deeply forked; no dark lateral spot. Similar fish: other snappers. More

However very few would actually target queen snapper, which tend to be a bycatch of anglers seeking snapper and dhufish. Queenies are often a chance on these trips because they respond to the same baits presented in the same locations. More

Order : Perciformes
Family : Lutjanidae
Genus : Etelis
Species : Etelis carbunculus
Authority : Valenciennes, 1862