Mccosker's flasher

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McCosker's flasher wrasse is a relatively new fish in our aquariums that quickly have become very popular. This is not surprising as this is a truly stunning species that has the added benefit of being small and that adapts well to aquariums. More

In terms of husbandry, the McCosker's flasher wrasse is similar to most flasher wrasses. More

The McCosker's Flasher Wrasse is an attractive reef-safe wrasse sure to be the star of your aquarium. This hardy wrasse species adapts well to established home aquariums, making it a beautiful and active addition. More

Notes: McCosker's Flasher Wrasse is probably one of the most striking saltwater fish you will ever see. They require an established aquarium with plenty of live rock and live sand. More

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Common names

McCosker's flasher in English
Mccosker's flasher-wrasse in English
Zarlacz kalifornijski in Polish (polski)
麥氏副唇魚 in Mandarin Chinese
麦氏副唇鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Labridae
Genus : Paracheilinus
Species : Paracheilinus mccoskeri
Authority : Randall, 1999