Fourline wrasse

The Fourline wrasse lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range 0 - 15 m environment.

Like most fish in The Wrasse Fish Family, the Fourline Wrasse is primarily a carnivore. It will eat some plant life, but its preference is for small shrimps and crabs. It will readily eat tank fed foods of almost any kind. More

Fourline Wrasse can grow up to 12 cm what is approximately 4 inches. So 1 specimen requires at least 1440cm2 of water surface what is approximately 223 square inch. We recommend you to keep it in fish tanks which are medium. More

size which makes the Fourline wrasse suitable for small marine aquariums. It has a green body with blue and purple fins and four horizontal stripes that run across the upper half of the body. More

The Red Sea Cleaner Wrasse, also known as the Fourline Wrasse, is a brilliant blue with four, horizontal, lighter blue stripes with purple trimming the tail. One specimen should be kept per tank in a 55 gallon or larger community aquarium. More

The Fourline Wrasse is a small, gorgeous wrasse from Hawaii. These fish are very similar in design and behavior to their popular cousin the Six Line Wrasse, but are colored slightly differently and not nearly as available to the hobbyist. More

Notes: The Fourline Wrasse requires an established aquarium with plenty of live rock and live sand. It feeds primarily on micro-invertebrates living in and around the live rock. Systems with refugiums offer this fish an added source of live food. More

Fourline Wrasse (2), is mainly collected out of Hawai’i. It is also a three-incher that like all members of the genus is best kept one to a tank. Western central Pacific. To three inches total length. More

Common names

Fourline wrasse in English
四線拉隆魚 in Mandarin Chinese
四线拉隆鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Labridae
Genus : Larabicus
Species : Larabicus quadrilineatus
Authority : R