Checkerboard wrasse

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The Checkerboard Wrasse occurs in tropical marine waters of the Indo-Pacific. Juvenile Checkerboard Wrasse are usually seen under ledges near deep sandy holes, or surgy areas. Adults inhabit lagoons and seaward reefs. More

The checkerboard wrasse, (Halichoeres hortulanus) is a species of fish. It may also be known as the chequered wrasse or the wall wrasse. More

The Checkerboard Wrasse can be recognised by its colouration, which varies as the fish grows. Juvenile Checkerboard Wrasse have alternating black and white bars on the body and a yellow-edged, black spot in the dorsal fin. More

The Checkerboard Wrasse is, I think, one of the prettiest fish in the local waters. This is the best shot I’ve gotten of one: Checkerboard Wrasse I got it by the “Turn the Rocks Over and Wait” method. More

The Checkerboard Wrasse is white with blue-grey checkerboard pattern on its sides. There are orange bands on its green head and a yellow spot at the front base of the dorsal. Younger specimens have paler bodies and yellow tails. More

checkerboard wrasse in Mike Leonard's reef tank. Wish I could have held on a little longer. I used the Canon HF100 and .55x Wide Angle Adapter which allowed me to focus much closer. More

The Checkerboard wrasse is a looker that can hang with the best of rough and tumble reef livestock (perhaps with the exception of worms and crustaceans...) and gets along with most all fish life as well. More

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Labridae
Genus : Gomphosus
Species : Gomphosus varius
Authority : Lacep