Bird wrasse

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Initial phase Bird Wrasse, are white with a black spot on each scale that gives the fish a speckled look. The top of the snout is orange, and the caudal fin is black with a white border. More

These Bird Wrasse fish pictures show how easy it is to not only identify which tropical water region the two different species of Bird Wrasses come from by their colors, but also their sex as males or females. More

* Bird Wrasse Fish Pictures - Photos of Blue, Black, Brown, Green Bird Wrasse... More

Bird wrasses can be easily sexed because males are much more colorful. Males are green with a small amount of blue and females are brownish in color. More

Bird wrasse is the name of the species. The name Greenbird wrasse refers to a male of the species Bird wrasse. The names Brownbird and Blackbird wrasse refer to females. More

The Bird wrasse is an unusual looking fish with it More

The Green Bird Wrasse is the male of the species Gomphosus various and is an active swimmer. There is no doubt that its electric green shimmer will enhance the beauty of your aquarium. More

The bird wrasse is found in the Indo-Pacific from the eastern Indian Ocean to Japan and Hawaii and south to northwest Australia. It has also been reported from Easter Island. This uniquely-shaped fish inhabits shallow, coral-rich areas of lagoons and seaward reefs. More

the Bird Wrasse is a "jumper," a tight-fitting lid on the tank is necessary. If a pair of Bird Wrasse are to be included in a tank, the female should be introduced first. More

5" male Gomphosus caeruleus - The bird wrasse has a long, slender snout that is designed for picking prey out of rocks and corals. Its snout is said to resemble the beak of a bird, giving rise to its name "bird wrasse" or "birdmouth wrasse. More

The Bird Wrasse has a long snout that looks a bit like a bird's beak. Juvenile Bird Wrasse are green above and white below with two black stripes along the body. Their snout is shorter than in adults. More

The most unique aspect about the Bird Wrasse is its elongated beak which is used to catch long, skinny prey and hold it captive while breaking it up into bite-size pieces. The female is brownish black, and the male is variations of green. More

Brown Bird Wrasse, Gomphosus varius, is a native to both the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Female Bird Wrasses have a black to dark brown coloration while the males are green. More

The brown bird wrasse is an Indo-Pacific wrasse that is a fine, hardy addition to many fish-only systems. Named for their More

Bird Wrasses swim contantly during the day and needs plenty of swimming room and rockwork with many passages to swim through. They are generally peaceful toward other fish, but their constant swimming may disturb smaller or less active fish. More

These are the Bird Wrasses, named for their prominent physical beaks as much as their flitting swimming behavior. These are fast moving; moderate sized (males to about a foot) fishes that do very well in mixed fish species systems. Two species in the genus. More

your a fucking idiot, why would you keep a green bird wrasse in such small captivity? hangseanshi (1 year ago) Show Hide Marked as spamReply Please read the account description before post such comment. This is a video tank to show the fish not their home at all. More

Order : Perciformes
Family : Labridae
Genus : Gomphosus
Species : Gomphosus caeruleus
Authority : Lacep