Venus tuskfish

The Venus tuskfish lives in the reef-associated, marine environment.

The Venus Tuskfish is a moderately deep bodied fish with two pairs of canines in the front of the lower jaw. The caudal fin is emarginate. The colouration of this species is variable. It is often greenish or brownish above, fading to yellowish below. More

* Venus tuskfish, Choerodon venustus (De Vis, 1884) * Redstripe tuskfish, Choerodon vitta Ogilby, 1910 * Purple eyebrowed tuskfish, Choerodon zamboangae (Seale & Bean, 1907) * Choerodon zosterophorus (Bleeker, More

the Venus tuskfish Choerodon venustus (De Vis) from the southern Great Barrier Reef = Bray, R. A. and Cribb, T. H. (2000) Venusicola inusitatus gen. n., sp n. More

Venus Tuskfish (Choerodon venustus) With some implications for its management. More

The Venus Tuskfish is also known as Parrot Fish and Tuskfish. More

2 Venus Tuskfish, Choerodon venustus (De Vis, 1884 ... Explore our collections, exhibitions, natural history and indigenous cultures ... ANIMAL SPECIES:Venus Tuskfish, Choerodon venustus (De Vis, 1884) ... More

Venus tuskfish can be distinguished from true parrot fish due to their tooth structure. Tuskfish have separate fang-like teeth, whereas the teeth of parrot fish are fused together into an upper and lower 'beak'. More

Common names

Blue parrot in English
Blue-spotted groper in English
Pink-sided tusk-fish in English
pinksided tuskfish in English
Roseate tusk-fish in English
Tuskfish in English
Venus tuskfish in English
粉紅豬齒魚 in Mandarin Chinese
粉红猪齿鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Labridae
Genus : Choerodon
Species : Choerodon venustus
Authority : De Vis, 1884