Geographic wrasse

The Geographic wrasse lives in the reef-associated, marine environment.

SIMILAR SPECIES: Geographic Wrasse (Anampses geographicus) TP-MALE has Dorsal and Anal with brown margin and submarginal blue stripe (vs blue margin and submarginal brown stripe). IP-FEMALES distinctive. More

Geographic Wrasse in two metres of water underneath Kapalai Resort. More

Common names

Balaki in Ilokano
Bankilan in Tagalog
Banog in Other
Bungat in Tagalog
Danlugan in Other
Geographic wrasse in English
Giutiuw in Austronesian (Other)
Giutiuw in Carolinian
Isdang bato in Tagalog
Labayan in Other
Lampalampa in Other
lave ni vatu in Fijian (vosa Vakaviti)
Lined chisel-tooth wrasse in English
Lubay-lubay in Other
Lulukdayan in Tagbanwa Calamian
Maming in Tagalog
Maringyan in Bikol
Molmol in Other
Mushibera in Japanese (日本語)
Olive-green wrasse in English
Pilo-pilo in Other
Pirat-pirat in Other
Scribbled chisel-toothed wrasse in English
scribbled wrasse in English
Tamago in Visayan
Tausay in Other
Verde verde in Ilokano
虫纹阿南鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
蟲紋阿南魚 in Mandarin Chinese
蠕紋阿南魚 in Mandarin Chinese
蠕纹阿南鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Labridae
Genus : Anampses
Species : Anampses geographicus
Authority : Valenciennes, 1840