Scale-rayed wrasse

Acantholabrus is a genus of wrasse in the Labridae family.

The Scale-rayed wrasse lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range 30 - 500 m environment.

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Common names

Acantholabre in French (français)
Akantholapina in Greek (Ελληνικά)
Akantholapina in Greek, Modern (1453)
Arroccaleddu buccabentu in Italian (Italiano)
Bodião in Portuguese (Português)
Bodião do alto in Portuguese (Português)
Brungylt in Danish (dansk)
Brungylt in Norwegian (Norsk)
Brungylte in Danish (dansk)
Brunsnultra in Swedish (Svenska)
Brunsultra in Swedish (Svenska)
Lappanedda in Italian (Italiano)
Lappira 'mperiali in Italian (Italiano)
Lippfisch in German (Deutsch)
Macin in Croatian (Hrvatski)
P(lj)ešac ljuskavac in Croatian (Hrvatski)
P(lj)ešac ljuskavac in Croatian (Hrvatski)
Palon in Polish (polski)
Pe˚ec in Slovenian (slovenščina)
Pešec in Slovene
Pesac in Croatian (Hrvatski)
Pešec in Slovene
Roucaou in French (français)
Scale-rayed wrasse in English
scaled-rayed wrasse in English
Schuppenstrahl-Lippfisch in German (Deutsch)
Stachel-Lippfisch in German (Deutsch)
Tabernero de profundidad in Spanish (español)
Tae rocas in Spanish (español)
Talla-roques in Catalan (Català)
Tirda rara in Maltese (Malti)
Tordo de fondo in Spanish (español)
Tordo di fondale in Italian (Italiano)
Truta-do-alto in Portuguese (Português)
Tuddu 'mperiali in Italian (Italiano)
Tuddu monicu in Italian (Italiano)
Vidrão in Portuguese (Português)
Ακανθολαπίνα in Greek (Ελληνικά)
Ακανθολαπίνα in Greek, Modern (1453)
Χειλού του βυθού in Greek (Ελληνικά)
刺隆头鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
刺隆頭魚 in Mandarin Chinese

Picture of Acantholabrus palloni has been licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial.
Original source: FishBase
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Order : Perciformes
Family : Labridae
Genus : Acantholabrus
Species : Acantholabrus palloni
Authority : Risso, 1810