Australian mado

The Australian mado lives in the reef-associated, brackish, marine environment.

Biomaps map of Australian Mado specimens in the Australian Museum collection. What does this mean? Habitat It is found on coastal and estuarine reefs and is one of the most common species in New South Wales. More

It looks very similar to the Australian Mado but has a slightly different colour pattern and dorsal and anal fin ray counts. Identification The New Zealand Mado can be recognised by its colouration and fin ray counts. More

Australian Mado logo provides a certification of authenticity of all that we promise,” says Issai. “We believe that the best way to compete in a global market is to have a premium quality product. More

The Australian Mado (view fact sheet) is also black-striped, but is less deep bodied, more silvery and grows to a larger size (25cm). More

An Australian Mado at a depth of 22m, off Macquarie Light, Sydney, New South Wales, February 2000. View larger image. Australian Mado An Australian Mado at Shark Point, Sydney, New South Wales, September 1999. More

Mado, also known as the Australian Mado, have a silver body colour with thick, dark brown or black, horizontal stripes on top of their bodies that become thinner towards the ventral area. The stripes continue uninterrupted over the face. They also have yellow fins. More

The Australian Mado has a silver body with dark brown to black stripes, ... New Zealand Mado;Atypichthys latus 12/31/69. Silver Sweep;Scorpis lineolata 12/31/69 ... 10 Kyphosidae, drummers banner-sized menu ... More

The Australian Mado, Atypichthys strigatus, is usually found in schools. It is silver with black horizontal stripes on the upper part of the body. The stripes are wider at the top. The Mado has a yellow tail and yellow fins. More

The Australian Mado is a schooling fish with a silver body with horizontal dark brown to black stripes, and yellow fins. It has large eyes, a small mouth and a forked tail. It is very similar to the New Zealand Mado (A. More

The Australian Mado had 16 dorsal and 16-17 anal fin rays. Size length to 25cm Habitat found around rocky reefs down to at least 60m deep. More

It closely resembles the Australian Mado , differing in colour pattern on the nape and dorsal and anal fin ray counts. The New Zealand Mado has 15 dorsal fin rays and 15-16 anal fin rays, while the Australian Mado had 16 dorsal and 16-17 anal fin rays. More

The Australian Mado is recorded from southern Queensland to eastern Tasmania Related Article(s): ^ Top Page * Jutjaw;Parascorpis typus 12/31/69 * Western Footballer;Neatypus obliquus 12/31/69 More

Common names

Australian mado in English
mado in English
mado in Unknown
Mado sweep in English
条纹异型蝎 in Mandarin Chinese
條紋異型蝎 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Perciformes
Family : Kyphosidae
Genus : Atypichthys
Species : Atypichthys strigatus
Authority : G