Common remora

Physical Characteristics Common remoras have a dorsal fin and an anal fin.

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The common remora, Remora remora, is a pelagic marine fish that belongs to the order Perciformes and the family Echeneidae. The order Perciformes has 148 families and 9300 species. More

Fish Identification Photos: Common Remora, Remora remora: The Common Remora is a rather easy fish to identify due to its uniform dark blue-grey coloration and the identity of the host from which it is collected. More

Shark RemoraShark remora's are the most common remora in warm waters. There are nine species of remoras. They can be found inshore as well as offshore. Remoras attaches to its hosts including sharks, rays, large fish, sea turtles, whales, dolphins and also to ships. More

The Common Remora has identical anal and dorsal fins with long bases that take up the rear portion of the body. The caudal fin is straight, the pectoral fins are blunt, and the pelvic fins are pointed. ( More

The common remora (Remora remora) is likely the most famous for its seemingly dangerous habit of attaching itself to sharks, most noteably the Great White. More

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Common Remora or Suckerfish (Echeneis Naucrates) The common remora is a fascinating fish that seldom grows to more than 50 cm long. They have a suction cup on their heads which they use to attach themselves to sharks and whales, and sometimes even ships. More

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Echeneidae
Genus : Remora
Species : Remora remora
Authority : Linnaeus, 1758