It is the national fish of South Africa.

The Galjoen lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range 10 - m environment.

The galjoen, black bream, or blackfish, Dichistius capensis, is a species of marine fish that is found only along the coast of South Africa. Length up to 55 cm, weight up to 7 kg. More

The galjoen fishes are a small family, Dichistiidae, of perciform fishes. More

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FEEDING HABITS OF GALJOEN ON THE NAMIBIAN COAST Galjoen COMMON NAME: Galjoen, Damba, Blackfish, Black Bream (Afr: Galjoen - Deutsch: Galjoen) LATIN NAME: Dichistius Capensis More

Handelsonderneming GALJOEN is een jong bedrijf gespecialiseerd in de markt van Beroeps- en promotiekleding. Met de nadruk op kwaliteit, veiligheid en draagcomfort. More

GALJOEN, in collaboration with the manufacturer, has succeeded in introducing a new product to the Netherlands, namely afire-resistant constant wear suit. In developing this unique suit, considerable attention has been paid to quality, safety and wearer comfort. More

Galjoen flourish in lively, foamy water which occurs frequently during the winter when moderate to strong westerly and south-westerly winds prevail. Galjoen will then seek bits of bait in gullies and close to reefs. More

blacktail (dassie) or galjoen, provided that on any one day no more than 8 (eight) galjoen shall be caught and retained. More

The galjoen is a game fighter. The diet of the galjoen consists mainly of red bait (ascidians), small mussels and barnacles. The scales are very firmly attached. The fins are well-developed with prominent spines. More

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The Galjoen is found only along the South African coast. It keeps to mostly shallow water, is often found in rough surf and sometimes right next to the shore and is known to every angler. More

Lange9 months ago Galjoen zonder poen deel II samen met Marloes met hoogwater gedoken op het Galjoen zonder Poen. More

The galjoen is a game fighter, and well-known to many an angler. Coracinus capensis The galjoen is found only along the South African coast. More

Common names

Damba in English
Damba in Spanish (español)
Galeão in Portuguese (Português)
Galeão damba in Portuguese (Português)
Galjoen in Afrikaans
Galjoen in English
Galjoen in Spanish (español)
Galjoin franc in French (français)
Gožiniai ešeriai in Lithuanian (lietuvių kalba)
Kap-galeonsfisk in Danish (dansk)
Südafrikanischer galjoen in German (Deutsch)
双帆鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
大眼双帆鲈 in Mandarin Chinese
大眼雙帆鱸 in Mandarin Chinese
雙帆魚 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Dichistiidae
Genus : Dichistius
Species : Dichistius capensis
Authority : Cuvier, 1831