Atlantic moonfish

The Atlantic moonfish lives in the benthopelagic, brackish, marine, depth range - 55 m environment.

Atlantic Moonfish, Selene setapinnis Selene setapinnis Atlantic Moonfish = Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii Order: Perciformes Family: Carangidae Genus: Selene More

Atlantic moonfishAtlantic moonfish - any of several silvery marine fishes with very flat bodieshorse-head, horsefish, horsehead, moonfish, Selene setapinnis, dollarfishcarangid, carangid fish - a percoid fish of the family Carangidaelookdown, lookdown fish, Selene vomer - similar to moonfish but with eyes high on the More

edible, Atlantic Moonfish are rarely used as food in the US." Sample Courtesy of Dave Busza & Bill Trapp Back To Miscellaneous Fishes Section or Return to FishGuide | FishingPage Visit www.PennParts. More

Atlantic Moonfish - Selene setapinnis = atlantic moonfish Atlantic Moonfish - Selene setapinnis Adults usually found near the bottom from inshore waters out to 150 feet. Often found ins schools. More

Atlantic Moonfish - Selene setapinnis More

Larval development of the Atlantic moonfish Selene setapinnis (Osteichthyes, Carangidae) from southeastern Brazil Auteur(s) / Author(s) KATSURAGAWA M. (1) ; Affiliation(s) du ou des auteurs / Author(s) Affiliation(s) (1) Instituto Oceanográfico da Universidade de Sao Paulo. C. More

Atlantic moonfish and look-downs are found from Argentina north to Nova Scotia. Pacific moonfish are common off the coast of California. The Atlantic moonfish is Vomer setapinnis; look-down, Selene vomer; Pacific, V. declivifrons. Moonfish belong to the family Carangidae. More

Common names

Ama in Wayuu
Aracorana in Portuguese (Português)
Atlantic moonfish in English
Atlantic moonfish in Spanish (español)
Atlantisk hestehoved in Danish (dansk)
blunt-nosed shiner in English
Bluntnosed shiner in English
Bristle-finned moonfish in English
Caballo in Spanish (español)
cara de caballo in English
cara de caballo in Spanish (español)
Cara'caballo in Spanish (español)
Carecaballo in Spanish (español)
Carta in Spanish (español)
Casabe in Spanish (español)
Corcobado in Spanish (español)
Corcovado in Portuguese (Português)
Corcovado-do-Golfo in Portuguese (Português)
dollarfish in English
Doutor in Portuguese (Português)
Fanta mbai in Wolof (Wollof)
Fralda-rota in Portuguese (Português)
Galinho in Portuguese (Português)
Gallo in Spanish (español)
Galo in Portuguese (Português)
Galo corcunda in Portuguese (Português)
Galo verdadeiro in Portuguese (Português)
Galo-branco in Portuguese (Português)
Galo-da-costa in Portuguese (Português)
Galo-de-penacho in Portuguese (Português)
Galo-de-rebanho in Portuguese (Português)
Galo-do-alto in Portuguese (Português)
Galo-do-morro in Portuguese (Português)
Galo-legÌtimo in Portuguese (Português)
Hiramana-aji in Japanese (日本語)
horsefish in English
hump-backed butterfish in English
Jack in English
Jorobado in Spanish (español)
jorobado caballa in Spanish (español)
Jorobado lamparosa in Spanish (español)
Lamaparosa in Spanish (español)
Lune in French (français)
Maanvis in Afrikaans
Maanvis in Dutch (Nederlands)
Moonfish in English
Moonshine in English
Musso atlantique in French (français)
Mussolini in French (français)
Peixe-galo in Portuguese (Português)
Peixe-galo-baleeiro in Portuguese (Português)
Peixe-galo-verdadeiro in Portuguese (Português)
Pesce ascia in Italian (Italiano)
Portugaise in French (français)
Poson assièt in Creole, French
Poson assièt in Creoles and Pidgins, French
Pugnosed shiner in English
Skötuselur in Icelandic (Íslenska)
Sunfish in English
Womer in Polish (polski)
ZabucaÌ in Portuguese (Português)
大西洋月鰺 in Mandarin Chinese
大西洋月鲹 in Mandarin Chinese
大西洋犁鰺 in Mandarin Chinese
大西洋犁鲹 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Carangidae
Genus : Selene
Species : Selene setapinnis
Authority : Mitchill, 1815