Pacific moonfish

The Pacific moonfish lives in the benthopelagic, marine, depth range - 50 m environment.

Pacific Moonfish Photos and Species Information for Fish Caught in Mexico See current, on-the-spot sportfishing reports and photographs of fish caught at Mexico's top vacation spots in this week's edition of "Mexico Fishing News" and see hundreds of other fish pictures and More

Pacific moonfish; Moonfish; Diamond moonfish; African moonfish; Mexican moonfish; Atlantic moonfish; Pacific blackdragon; Pacific bonito; Pacific sierra; Pacific boa; Pacific halfbeak; Pacific angelshark; Pacific sandeel; Pacific hatchetfish; Pacific chupare; Pacific beardfish; Pacific porgy; Pacific halibut; Pacific seahorse; Pacific cod; Pacific cornetfish; More

I caught the 12" Pacific Moonfish used for these rubbings while night fishing on the Cuervo with Pat Irwin around the pinacle in Herradura Bay, Costa Rica. We were catching Rainbow Runners and Blue Runners to use for bait the next day offshore. More

Pacific moonfish are common off the coast of California. The Atlantic moonfish is Vomer setapinnis; look-down, Selene vomer; Pacific, V. declivifrons. Moonfish belong to the family Carangidae. More

Pacific moonfish; Diamond moonfish; African moonfish; Mexican moonfish; Atlantic moonfish; Total Images : 18 Page No. More

4 Pacific Moonfish Photos and Fish Species Information Pacific Moonfish, Selene peruviana, fish identification photos ... and the Mexican Moonfish, Selene orstedii (straight head profile, long anal and dorsal fins) ... www.mexfish. More

Common names

Caballito in Spanish (español)
Caraja in Spanish (español)
Carita in Spanish (español)
Carita celosa in Spanish (español)
Carita común in Spanish (español)
Catarnica in Spanish (español)
chancleta in Spanish (español)
Chapeca in Spanish (español)
Chavelita in Spanish (español)
Espejo in Spanish (español)
espejuelo in Spanish (español)
Jack in English
Jorobadito in Spanish (español)
Jorobado in sp
Jorobado in Spanish (español)
Jorobado espejo in Spanish (español)
Jorobado papelillo in Spanish (español)
Moonfish in English
Musso pacifique in French (français)
Pacific moonfish in English
Pacifisk hestehoved in Danish (dansk)
palometa in English
palometa in sp
palometa in Spanish (español)
Pampanito in Spanish (español)
pampano in Spanish (español)
Papelillo in Spanish (español)
Peruvian moonfish in English
Pez luna in Spanish (español)
plateado in Spanish (español)
Reloj in Spanish (español)
Tablete in Spanish (español)
太平洋月鰺 in Mandarin Chinese
太平洋月鲹 in Mandarin Chinese
太平洋犁鰺 in Mandarin Chinese
太平洋犁鲹 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Carangidae
Genus : Selene
Species : Selene peruviana
Authority : Guichenot, 1866