Barred queenfish

The Barred queenfish lives in the reef-associated, marine, depth range 10 - 13 m environment.

Another name for a Barred queenfish is a Scomberoides tala Source: Digital Fish Funnel, August 6, 2004 report as bad entry | send to a friend via email Add your own definition of Barred queenfish. More

Common names

Båndplettet dronningfisk in Danish (dansk)
Barred queenfish in English
Bashkel in Arabic (‫العربية)
Bassar in Arabic (‫العربية)
Bekalang in Malay (bahasa Melayu)
Bimbring in Javanese (basa Jawa)
Cá Bè ta la in Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)
Dagol in Marathi (मराठी)
Daragi in Creole, English
Daragi in Creoles and Pidgins, English
Daragi in English
Deep leatherskin in English
Deep queen fish in English
deep queenfish in English
Dhela in Arabic (‫العربية)
Dorado in Cebuano
Dorado in English
Dorado in Tagalog
Falai in Marathi (मराठी)
Habes in Arabic (‫العربية)
Han kattava in Sinhalese (සිංහල)
Jurel carsia in Spanish (español)
Katta in Sinhalese (සිංහල)
Kavala in Gela
Ladi in Creole, English
Ladi in Creoles and Pidgins, English
Ladi in English
Lapis in Agutaynen
Lapis in Bikol
Lapis in Hiligaynon
Lapis in Kuyunon
Lapis in Tagalog
Lapis-lapis in Davawenyo
Largetoothed queenfish in English
Lari in Waray-waray
marang in Cebuano
Pothu kattava in Sinhalese (සිංහල)
Sag in Gujarati (ગુજરાતી)
Sauteur carsia in French (français)
Seunah in Arabic (‫العربية)
Talang in Malay (bahasa Melayu)
Talang-talang in Bikol
Talang-talang in Chavacano
Talang-talang in Malay (bahasa Melayu)
Talang-talang in Maranao/Samal/Tao Sug
Thol pareh in Sinhalese (සිංහල)
Toal para in Tamil (தமிழ்)
Toal-parah in Tamil (தமிழ்)
Toloo-parah in Telugu (తెలుగు)
Zareb in Arabic (‫العربية)
दगोळ in Marathi (मराठी)
फाळाई in Marathi (मराठी)
સાગ  in Gujarati (ગુજરાતી)
தொல் பாநை  in Tamil (தமிழ்)
தோல் பாரை in Tamil (தமிழ்)
తోలు పరా  in Telugu (తెలుగు)
横斑似鲹 in Mandarin Chinese
橫斑似鰺 in Mandarin Chinese
泰拉鰆鰺 in Mandarin Chinese
泰拉鰆鲹 in Mandarin Chinese
海南鰆鰺 in Mandarin Chinese
海南鰆鲹 in Mandarin Chinese

Picture of Scomberoides tala has been licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial.
Original source: FishBase
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Order : Perciformes
Family : Carangidae
Genus : Scomberoides
Species : Scomberoides tala
Authority : Cuvier, 1832