Castin leatherjacket

The Castin leatherjacket lives in the benthopelagic, brackish, marine, depth range - 40 m environment.

Species Summary: Oligoplites saliens Castin leatherjacket, You can sponsor this page, ... Scientific Name - Search Result, ALPHABETICAL: Oligoplites altus. Oligoplites palometa. Oligoplites refulgens. Oligoplites saliens. Oligoplites saurus. Oligosarcus acutirostris. Oligosarcus argenteus. ... http://www.funet. More

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Common names

Caspin in Spanish (español)
Castin leatherjack in English
Castin leatherjacket in English
Gaivira in Portuguese (Português)
Guaivira in Portuguese (Português)
Guajuvira in Portuguese (Português)
Guarivira in Portuguese (Português)
Guavira in Portuguese (Português)
Guivira in Portuguese (Português)
Imkrau in Palicur
Jack in English
Jamuche in Wayuu
Leatherjack in English
Macarela in Spanish (español)
Meona in Spanish (español)
Runner in English
Salteira in Portuguese (Português)
Sauteur in English
Sauteur in French (français)
Sauteur castin in French (français)
Sautuer castin in French (français)
Siete cueros in Spanish (español)
Solteira in Portuguese (Português)
Sotèr in Creole, French
Sotèr in Creoles and Pidgins, French
Táboa in Portuguese (Português)
Tibiro in Portuguese (Português)
Tibiro-saltador in Portuguese (Português)
Wonu in Carib
Wonu in Galibi
Xaveia in Portuguese (Português)
Zapate in English
Zapatero in Spanish (español)
Zapatero boquiguana in Spanish (español)
Zapatero caspín in Spanish (español)
Zapatero castín in Spanish (español)
跳革鰺 in Mandarin Chinese
跳革鲹 in Mandarin Chinese

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Carangidae
Genus : Oligoplites
Species : Oligoplites saliens
Authority : Bloch, 1793