Australian salmon

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ANIMAL SPECIES:Eastern Australian Salmon, Arripis trutta (Forster, 1801) - Add comment Add tags New South Wales divers often see large schools of Eastern Australian Salmon while swimming in shallow coastal waters. More

Eastern Australian salmon, Arripis trutta Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii Order: Perciformes More

The eastern Australian salmon, Arripis trutta, known as kahawai in New Zealand, is one of four species within the Arripis genus, found in cooler waters around the south eastern coast of Australia, and New Zealand. More

The new mark to beat for Australian Salmon on lure is 70cm taken by Fezza at Swansea. Full report here! Attached Image The 2nd mark to beat is 66.5cm by brickman, taken on a trolled Halco at North Bondi. More

Australian Salmon are a great sports fish and are found in all of the cooler waters of southern Australia.They grow to a size of up to 6kg but are more common in the 1-2kg range. More

Australian Salmon (Arripis trutta/truttaceus) Size: 1kg - 3.5kg can reach 10kg. More

The Eastern Australian Salmon is also known as the arripis trutta and kanawai. The fish on the right is a Salmon. More

Australian SalmonEXPORT AUSTRALIAN SALMON = * Australian Salmon processed 1,000 ton of H&G exported * Agent: FishTrade International - contact Charles Franchina (08) 9335 1812 or More

WESTERN AUSTRALIAN SALMON Code 37344004 Arripis Truttaceus. Bevans have a licence to fish a beach west of Albany (Peaceful Bay). Australian Salmon are seasonal, 90% are caught during February - June. More

Australian salmon Arripis trutta = Australian salmon Australian salmon Distribution - Occurs from Tweed Heads through to Port Philip Bay (Victoria) and Tasmania. Size - Maximum of 6kg and a length of up to 90cm. More

Australian Salmon Fishing Championship on again! Elliston Progress and Tourism Association is proud to announce that the annual Australian Salmon Fishing Championship will take place again this year. More

Australian Salmon Fishing Championship Elliston From 1st of June until 31st August 2008 tickets $15 per person (valid for 3 months) Major Prize for HEAVIEST SALMON for the three months 1st Prize $3000 Cash More

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Common Name: Eastern Australian Salmon - Western Australian Salmon Species Name: Arripis trutta - Arripis truttaceus Australian Salmon Courtesy of South Suburban Angling Club Inc. More

separate species of Australian salmon in Victorian waters - the eastern salmon Arripis trutta and the western salmon Arripis truttaceus. Eastern salmon are found in coastal waters of southern Queensland, NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and New Zealand. More

The Eastern Australian salmon is not actually part of the salmon family at all, but acquired its name due to some similarities with the Atlantic and Pacific true salmon. More

Australian Salmon are not Salmon at all, but actually a member of the perch family. Europeans first visiting Australia likened them in appearance to the Salmon of the Northern Hemisphere. More

Australian salmon or Australasian salmon, also known as kahawai in New Zealand English, are medium-sized perciform marine fish of the small family Arripidae (also spelled Arripididae). More

The Australian salmon is a sea perch, of the family Arripidae, and is not related to the true salmon of the family Salmonidae. There are two species of Australian salmon found in Australian waters, the western species and the eastern species. More

Juvenile Australian salmon are found over soft substrates in shallow and sheltered coastal waters. They are often found over seagrass beds and in mangrove lined creeks. They can tolerate temperature and salinity extremes, such as those found in the gulfs and the Coorong. More

Australian Salmon (Arripis trutta) Photographs and Information = australian salmon, Arripis trutta salmonaustmap1. More

The Australian salmon needs little introduction to beach fisherman along the southern coastline of out continent. More

Australian salmons are very popular targets of recreational anglers Flavour Strong Oiliness Low to medium Moisture Dry to medium Texture Medium More

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Order : Perciformes
Family : Arripidae
Genus : Arripis
Species : Arripis trutta
Authority : Forster, 1801