Nansenia tenera

The Nansenia tenera lives in the pelagic-oceanic, marine environment.

Species Summary: Nansenia tenera, You can sponsor this page, ... Scientific Name - Search Result, ALPHABETICAL: Nansenia obscura. Nansenia pelagica. Nansenia sanrikuensis. Nansenia tenera. Nansenia tenuicauda. Narcetes erimelas. Narcetes kamoharai. Narcetes lloydi. ... http://www.funet. More

Common names

柔南氏魚 in Mandarin Chinese
柔南氏魚 in Unknown
柔南氏鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
柔南氏鱼 in Unknown

Order : Osmeriformes
Family : Microstomatidae
Genus : Nansenia
Species : Nansenia tenera
Authority : Kawaguchi and Butler, 1984