Gummy shark

The image shows an unusual Gummy Shark that was caught by a commercial fisher A. Broadhurst, off Montague Island, New South Wales in March 1998. The dark-blotched pattern is an extremely rare colour form that is found in several different families of sharks, according to Dr. J. More

The gummy shark, Mustelus antarcticus, is a shark in the family Triakidae. It is a slender grey shark with white spots along the body and flat plate-like teeth for crushing its prey. It has a maximum length of between 157 cm (male) and 175 cm (female). More

gummy shark, the productivity of the overexploited school shark resource, and the extent to which tagged animals lose tags (or die) immediately after tagging. More

Overview The gummy shark, Mustelus antarcticus, is a sharkSharkSharks are a type of fish with a full cartilaginous skeleton and a highly streamlined body. The earliest known sharks date from more than 420 million years ago, before the time of the dinosaurs.... More

tasted gummy shark the response is generally the same, they are superb eating. Some anglers up north may find this hard to believe, but the gummy shark is also one hell of a sporting adversary. More

The gummy shark, Mustelus antarcticus, is a shark in the family Triakidae. More

Gummy shark are bronze to grey with small white spots found along the body and a pale belly. Females grow to a length of 175cm and males to 145cm. Ageing studies indicate that they can live for as long as 16 years. More

The Gummy Shark is also known as Flake, Sweet William, Gummy, Australian Smooth Hound Shark and Smooth Dog Shark. More

Habitat Gummy Shark are found in the temperate waters of southern Australia from say Port Stephens N.S.W. along the south coast across to Geralton in W.A., also found in Tasmania. More

A harmless member of the shark family, gummy sharks have smooth flattened teeth with which to crush crabs, shrimps and shellfish they find on smooth sea bottoms. Of slim build and smooth skin they are closely related to the whiskery shark which has a thicker body. More

for gummy shark at Queenscliff on Monday. Tom and Keith fished in 15 metres of water off Mud Island where they hoped to catch a good size gummy shark. More

The Gummy Shark (Mustelus antarcticus) has also been heavily fished and is sold as 'flake'. It lives for about 16 More

Gummy Shark (Mustelus antarcticus) Photographs and Information = . More

No image of Gummy shark found in the Shark Database Range Map Earth Map Names Scientific: Mustelus antarcticus German: Australischer Glatthai More

School and gummy sharks give birth to between (1 to 40) live sharks. Coastal waters are important for both species with these areas used for breeding. Young sharks (pups) are found in the 'nursery' areas along inshore coastlines and bays and inlets. More

gummy shark is almost identical to the smooth hound found in British and European waters. Description: The gummy shark is a long, relatively lightly-built shark. More

If you want the secrets on how to bag a Big Gummy Shark then this is the lesson for you. Learn how to catch your own Gummy Shark bait, learn the secrets on how to consistently catch Gummy Sharks. More

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Family : Triakidae
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