Atlantic needlefish

Strongylura marina, also called the Atlantic needlefish is a common top water resident of marinas and other areas with minimal current this fish is in the family Belonidae.

The Atlantic needlefish is a long, narrow fish with a greenish back and silvery sides. Adults have: * A thin bluish-silver stripe along each side. More

Atlantic needlefish range as the name implys in the atlantic ocean. Their range covers most of the Western Atlantic from Maine to Brazil including the Carribean and the Gulf of Mexico. More

Atlantic Needlefish - Atlantic Needlefish information - Atlantic Needlefish facts As the name reveals, The Atlantic Needlefish is found in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Its habitat ranges from the state of Maine to the Gulf of Mexico. More

CHARACTERISTICS: The distinctive Atlantic needlefish has a long, slender body, elongated jaws with numerous sharp teeth, and dorsal and anal fins placed at the back of the body. The tip of the lower jaw extends slightly beyond the upper jaw. More

Atlantic needlefish Gulf of Mexico florida Strongylura marina Photo Claire Sunquist © While it is called the Atlantic Needlefish, this fish is found in brackish and salt waters all around Florida. More

Atlantic needlefish are elongate, round-bodied fishes that grow to approximately 25 inches in length. Body color is green to blue-green on the dorsal surface, blending to silver below the lateral line. Pectoral fins are small and set high on the sides. More

The Atlantic needlefish has a long mouth formed by the prolongation of both jawbones. It has numerous small and sharp teeth. This fish shows up around the calm edges of flats and sand bars and swims very close to the water surface. More

The Atlantic needlefish, Strongylura marina, is a small- to medium-sized, elongate, somewhat gar-like carnivorous fish with the upper and lower jaws elongated into a pointed beak armed with hundreds of small, sharp teeth. More

The Atlantic needlefish is Strongylura marina of the family Belonidae. Related TopicsSardine Sardine, a name given to various small fish of the herring family. The name is believed to come from the Italian island of Sardinia. More

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Order : Beloniformes
Family : Belonidae
Genus : Strongylura
Species : Strongylura marina
Authority : Walbaum, 1792