The Frogfish lives in the demersal, brackish, marine environment.

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Frogfishes, family Antennariidae, are a type of anglerfish in the order Lophiiformes. They are known as anglerfishes in Australia, where 'frogfish' refers to a different type of fish. More

The psychedelic frogfish, Histiophryne psychedelica, is a yellow-brown or peach colored frogfish named for its psychedelic pink and white stripes arranged in a fingerprint pattern. The fish is from the waters near Ambon Island and Bali, Indonesia. More

The longlure frogfish, Antennarius multiocellatus (Valenciennes in Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1837), is a short, fat, round species. It is a small fish, generally not exceeding 20 cm. Its skin is thick and covered in highly modified scales called dermal spicules. More

among colorful corals and sponges, a frogfish patiently waits for prey to approach. Wiggling a small fish-shaped lure that hangs off a More

Frogfish can change colors and shades to blend in with their background. The bodies are stocky with a loose appearing, prickly covering. The pectoral fins are almost limb-like with a joint much like an elbow. More

The frogfish are sought after by a number of divers with an appreciation for the rare and unusual. This is a juvenile painted frogfish (Antennarius pictus), one of the more common species in the Indo-Pacific. Photo by Scott W. Michael. More

Hairy frogfish, Lembeh Strait, Indonesia - photo courtesy of Silent Symphony Open any coffee table book of underwater photography and you are almost certain to see a few pages dedicated to the majestic frogfish. More

Ornate and painted frogfish - photo by Kentrick Chin - Kapalai Open most marine photography coffee-table books and you're almost certain to see a few pages there dedicated to the regal frogfish. More

Frogfish spotted on a night dive (photo 13A) This highly unusual predator is a type of anglerfish, commonly known in this case as a "frogfish". More

The frogfish of Family Antennariidae are particularly well known for their highly developed first dorsal spine (illicium) which the fish "casts" like a fisherman casts a rod. More

The longlure frogfish is found from in the western Atlantic Ocean from Bermuda and the Bahamas, south along the coasts of Central and South America. More

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Frogfishes on - Anglerfische auf = A website only about frogfishes... Eine Webseite nur More

Please keep in mind, that you find all frogfish species on this list, not only the one a diver (or aquarist) will encounter. If you are interested mainly in the 10 most well known species please click here. More

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While commonly referred to as Frogfish, Anglers can reach an average length size of three inches in captivity. Anglers adapt well to life in captivity, and are relatively hardy. More

frogfish, photographed at Ambon Island, Indonesia by David Hall. Credit: ©David Hall/seaphotos. More

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Frogfish can be distinguished from other bottom dwelling fish by their modified pelvic or bottom fins which look like legs, and are used to walk about the reef in search of a suitable spot to "fish" for a meal. More

,Zebra frogfish portent of warming seas? By Dr Floor Anthoni, Seafriends Marine Education Centre, Leigh During periods of warm and strong northerly currents, tropical fish from remote Kermadec Islands, Norfolk Island and further away, may succeed in drifting to New Zealand More

Frogfish give “wallflower” a whole new meaning. More

frogfish or frog·fish·es Any of various bottom-dwelling fishes of the family Antennariidae of tropical and temperate seas, characteristically having a prickly or warty globose body and pectoral fins adapted for grasping. More

Frogfish are one of those weird & wonderful underwater inhabitants that divers simply love to discover. In addition to their superb camouflage, their incredible variety of colour and texture make them fascinating to observe, while their behaviour is equally unusual. More

Frogfish are full of surprises, from their adaptive colors, shapes and elasticity, to their hunting equipment and mobility, these ambush predators have over 45 species ranging from 5 to 40cm. More

frogfish definition frog·fish (frôg′fis̸h′) noun pl. More

Frogfish (Antennarius maculatus) performing his feeding routine. Category: Pets & Animals Tags: Frogfish URL Embed Customize Loading... More From: instantsquid - Loading... More

This frogfish footage is included in my DVD "Reef Life of the... Giant anglerfish (Antennarius commersoni), often known as a frogfish, from Thailand's Richelieu Rock and Burma's Western Rocky Island. More

Common names

blotchtail toadfish in English
Brown frogfish in English
Dubious frogfish in English
Eastern frogfish in English
Frogfish in English
Østaustralsk paddefisk in Danish (dansk)
拟蟾鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
擬蟾魚 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Batrachoidiformes
Family : Batrachoididae
Genus : Batrachomoeus
Species : Batrachomoeus dubius
Authority : White, 1790