The genus name Gigantura is in reference to the Gigantes, a race of giants in Greek mythology—coupled with the suffix oura, meaning "tail", thus Gigantura refers to the ribbon-like lower half of the tailfin. More

↑ Gigantura chuni w: Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ang.) Bibliografia 1. Gigantura chuni. w: Froese, R. & D. Pauly. FishBase. World Wide Web electronic publication. (ang.) Źródło „http://pl.wikipedia. More

Gigantura gracilis Regan, 1925; (synonym) Rosaura rotunda Tucker, 1954; (synonym) Bathyleptus lisae Walters, 1961; (synonym) Rosaura indica Johnson, 1986; (valid as) Gigantura indica Paxton et al. More

Order : Aulopiformes
Family : Giganturidae
Genus : Gigantura
Species : Gigantura chuni
Authority : Brauer, 1901