Rallidae - The rails, or Rallidae, are a large cosmopolitan family of small to medium-sized birds.

Aramidae - The Limpkin is placed in its own monotypic family, Aramidae, which is in turn placed with the crane and rail order Gruiformes.

Otididae - Bustards, including floricans and korhaans, are large terrestrial birds mainly associated with dry open country and steppes in the Old World.

Gruidae - Most species of cranes are at least threatened, if not critically endangered, within their range.

Cariamidae - The seriemas are the sole extant members of the small and ancient family Cariamidae, which is also the sole surviving family of the Cariamae.

Eurypygidae - The sunbittern is usually placed in the Gruiformes, but this was always considered preliminary.

Heliornithidae - The Heliornithidae are a small family of tropical birds with webbed lobes on their feet like those of grebes and coots.

Mesitornithidae - The mesites are a family of birds of uncertain affinities.

Turnicidae - Buttonquail or hemipodes are members of a small family of birds, Turnicidae, which resemble, but are unrelated to, the quails of Phasianidae.

Psophiidae - Trumpeters fly weakly but run fast; they can easily outrun dogs.

Rhynochetidae - The Kagu's affinities are not too well resolved.

Order : Gruiformes