Genus Nystalus


White-eared Puffbird - As with some puffbirds, the White-eared Puffbird is a round, plump bird with a short, very narrow tail. It has a large head and orange, black-tipped bill, the head appearing almost oversized for its body. The 'sit-and-wait' feeding strategy, for insects, or opportunistic prey may explain this body shape.


Barred Puffbird - The Barred Puffbird is a species of puffbird in the Bucconidae family. It occurs in forests in the Tumbes-Chocó-Magdalena of Panama, Colombia and Ecuador.


Striolated Puffbird - Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests.

Order : Piciformes
Family : Bucconidae
Genus : Nystalus