Genus Alectoris

Barbary Partridge - This partridge has its main native range in North Africa, and is also native to Gibraltar It has been introduced to Portugal and Madeira, though there are no recent records of this species on the latter islands. It is also present in Sardinia. It is closely related to its western European equivalent, the Red-legged Partridge .

Chukar Partridge - The Chukar, Alectoris chukar, is a Eurasian upland gamebird in the pheasant family Phasianidae of the order Galliformes, gallinaceous birds. Other common names of this bird include 'Chukker' , 'Indian Chukar', 'Chukar Partridge', 'Red-legged Partridge', 'Rock Partridge', 'Indian Hill Partridge', 'Chukka', 'Chukkar', 'Chukor', 'Chukore', 'Chikone', 'Kabk', 'Kau-Kau', and 'Keklik'.

Rock Partridge - Perdix graeca Meisner, 1804


Rusty-necklaced Partridge - The Przevalski's Partridge or Rusty-necklaced Partridge is a species of bird in the Phasianidae family. It is found only in China.


Philby - The name commemorates the British explorer St. John Philby.

Red-legged Partridge - It is a rotund bird, with a light brown back, grey breast and buff belly. The face is white with a black gorget. It has rufous-streaked flanks and red legs. When disturbed, it prefers to run rather than fly, but if necessary it flies a short distance on rounded wings.

Order : Galliformes
Family : Phasianidae
Genus : Alectoris