Genus Theristicus

Plumbeous Ibis - The Plumbeous Ibis is a species of bird in the Threskiornithidae family. It is found in grassland, savanna, fields and marshes in central South America, ranging in south-central and south-eastern Brazil, eastern and northern Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and northern Argentina. It is generally fairly common and is easily seen in the Pantanal among others. It is distinctive, being overall grey with elongated plumes on the nape and neck, a narrow white band on the forehead and reddish legs. Unlike many other ibises, the Plumbeous Ibis is rather asocial and typically seen alone or in pairs.

Buff-necked Ibis - It has a total length of approximately 75 centimetres . The neck is buffish, the upperparts are grey, the belly and flight feathers are black, and there is a large white patch in the wings. In flight, where the relatively short legs do no extend beyond the tail , the white patch forms a broad white band on the upperwing that separates the black remiges and the grey lesses wing-coverts. The bill and bare skin around the eyes are blackish and the legs are red.

Black-faced Ibis - The Black-faced Ibis is a species of bird in the Threskiornithidae family. It is found in grassland and fields in southern and western South America. It has been included as a subspecies of the similar Buff-necked Ibis, but today all major authorities accept the split. On the contrary, the Black-faced Ibis includes the taxon branickii as a subspecies, although some authorities treat it as a separate species, the Andean Ibis .

Order : Ciconiiformes
Family : Threskiornithidae
Genus : Theristicus