Genus Pitavia

Pitavia is a genus of plant in family Rutaceae.

Species in the genus Pitavia of plants


Pitavia punctata - It is an evergreen small tree or shrub that measures up to 15 m tall and 50 cm in diameter, roundish and leafy crown, straight trunk, its branches are inserted in an ascending way. The bark is brownish-grey and soft texture and with roughnesses when adult. The leaves are simple and covered with visible dots against the light, very aromatic , they are arranged in whorls of three or in some cases they are opposite, leathery texture. Oblong and lanceolate-oblong shaped, apex slightly apiculate, attenuate base, petiole about 3-4 mm. Slightly toothed edges and the midrib distinct underneath. The leaves are 6.5-13 wide and 2.5-4 long. The flowers are hermaphrodite or unisexual about 1 cm 1 diameter, tetramerous, clustered in three-flowered axillary racemes, pedicels about 3-5.9 mm. Calyx is made up by four opposite sepals. Androecium made up by 8 stamens arranged in two whorls, those external's are longer and and opposite to the sepals while the internal's whorls are shorter and opositte to the petals. The tetracar