Chelidae - The Chelidae are a family of freshwater reptiles commonly known as the Austro-American Side-necked Turtles or Snake-necked Turtles.

Emydidae - The Emydidae are the largest and most diverse family of Testudines.

Trionychidae - Trionychidae is a taxonomic family which comprises a number of turtle genera commonly known as soft-shell turtles.

Testudinidae - Tortoises or land turtles are land-dwelling reptiles of the family of Testudinidae, order Testudines.

Geoemydidae - Geoemydidae is the largest and most diverse family in the order Testudines with about 75 species.

Cheloniidae - The superfamily Chelonioidea has a worldwide distribution; sea turtles can be found in all oceans except for the polar regions.

Carettochelyidae - There are two subspecies:

Chelydridae - There are two extant species of the family Chelydridae: Chelydra serpentina, the Common Snapping Turtle, and its larger relative Macrochelys temminckii, the Alligator Snapping Turtle .

Kinosternidae - Kinosternidae is a family of mostly small turtles that includes the mud and musk turtles.

Dermatemydidae - Dermatemys species are fairly large turtles, attaining a maximum size of 65 cm in carapace length, and they can weigh in the range of 20 kg .

Dermochelyidae - Leatherback turtles follow the general sea turtle body plan of having a large, dorsoventrally flattened, round body with two pairs of very large flippers and a short tail.

Podocnemididae - Podocnemidinae

Pelomedusidae - Pelomedusinae

Order : Testudines