Family Crocodylidae

Alligator - An Alligator is a crocodilian in the genus Alligator of the family Alligatoridae.

Caiman - Caimaninae are one of two subfamilies of the family Alligatoridae.

Gavialis - The fossil history of the Gavialoidea is quite well known, with the earliest examples diverging from the other crocodilians in the late Cretaceous.

Melanosuchus - The black caiman has a bony ridge over red eyes, and black, scaly skin.

Osteolaemus - Dwarf crocodiles attain a medium adult length of 1.

Paleosuchus - Paleosuchus is a South American genus of reptile in the Alligatoridae family.

Tomistoma - From a morphological standpoint, it has been originally placed within the family Crocodylidae, but recent immunological studies have shown that it is more closely related to the gharial than was originally thought.

Order : Crocodylia
Family : Crocodylidae