Blue-fronted Lorikeet

It is only known from seven specimens, collected before 1930 in hill forest between 850–1000 m. More recent sightings are not well authenticated, so its remaining range is uncertain.

The Blue-fronted Lorikeet is classified as Critically Endangered (CR), facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild.

the Blue-fronted Lorikeet on Buru, Indonesia. Eclectus 2: 2-3. Mawson, Peter; & Johnstone, Ron. (1997). ... PARROTS: Blue-eared Lory, Eos semilarvata, Blauwoorlori. Blue-fronted Lorikeet, Charmosyna toxopei, Buru Lori. Blue-streaked Lory, Eos reticulata, Blauwgestreepte Lori. ... Cercotrichas: lorikeet Charmosyna rubronotata roodgevlekte lori red-fronted lorikeet Charmosyna toxopei Buru-lori blue-fronted lorikeet Charmosyna wilhelminae ... Certhidea - Chlorocichla: ...fronted lorikeet. Charmosyna toxopei Buru-lori blue-fronted lorikeet. More

Order : Psittaciformes
Family : Psittacidae
Genus : Charmosyna
Species : toxopei
Authority : (Siebers, 1930)