The Lear's Macaw is 70–75 cm long. The body, tail, and wings are dark blue and the head is a slightly paler shade. It has an area of bare pale-yellow skin adjacent to the base of its beak, and orange-yellow eyerings. It has a large blackish beak and dark grey feet. The general appearance of the Lear's Macaw is similar to the larger Hyacinth macaw and the smaller Glaucous Macaw.

The Lear is classified as Endangered (EN), considered to be facing a very high risk of extinction in the wild.

No other Warwick Blogs use the tag Lear on entries | View entries tagged Lear at Technorati | There are no images tagged Lear on this blog March 05, 2010 - King Lear (RSC) @ The Courtyard Theatre Writing about web page http://www.rsc.org.uk/whatson/8954.aspx The last time the RSC produced King Lear at the Courtyard Theatre, it was one of the most high-profile theatrical events of the decade. More

King Lear is a tragedy by William Shakespeare, believed to have been written between 1603 and 1606. It is considered one of his greatest works. King Lear descends into madness after wrongly distributing his estate on the strength of flattery. The play is based on the legend of Leir of Britain, a mythological pre-Roman Celtic king. It has been widely adapted for stage and screen, with the part of Lear played by many of the world's most accomplished actors. More

Lear or Leir can refer to: * Leir of Britain, a legendary king of the Britons * King Leir, an anonymous play based on the legend of Leir of Britain, published in 1605 * King Lear, a tragedy by William Shakespeare, also based on the legend of Leir of Britain * Learjet aircraft series * Lear Corporation, an automotive supplier More

* King Lear (1958, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA) * Albert van Dalsum, man van het toneel (1964, Jvd Vondel, Netherlands) * My Kingdom (2001, Don Boyd, International) * King Real and the Hoodlums (1983, John Fox, GB) * King Lear (1948, GB) * King Lear (1953, Peter Brook, USA) * Re Lear, de un'idea di gran teatro di William Shakespeare (1972, More

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LEAR on a bed asleep, Act 5, Scene 1: The British camp, near Dover. Act 5, Scene 2: A field between the two camps. Act 5, Scene 3: The British camp near Dover. More

1 King Lear, intending to divide his power and kingdom among his three daughters, demands public professions of their love..." (more) Key Phrases: King Lear, Poor Tom, Enter Lear (more...) 4. More

Dictionary: Lear (lîr) pronunciation Home > Library > Literature & Language > Dictionary n. The protagonist in Shakespeare's tragedy King Lear, based on a legendary king of Britain. Home of Wiki & Reference Answers, the world’s leading Q&A siteReference AnswersEnglish▼English▼ Deutsch Español Français Italiano Tagalog * * Search unanswered questions... More

* King Lear (baseball), the nickname of major league baseball player Charles Barnard Lear * Lir (Irish) or Llŷr (Welsh), mythological gods of the sea * Children of Lir, an Irish legend * The Yiddish King Lear, an 1892 play * Lear (play), a 1971 Edward Bond play * Lear (opera), an opera by Aribert Reimann * Leir, a fictional character in the Marvel More

* View 54 King Lear Essays * View 73 King Lear Critical Essays Not What You Meant? There are 32 definitions for Lear. Also try: Bedlam or Regan or Cordelia. More

* In Act 1, Scene 1 of King Lear , what themes are treated as ... * What are the teachings of King Lear in Act IV? - King Lear ... * In Act 3, scene 2 of King Lear , how has the author made the ... * How is the relationship between King Lear and his three daughters ... More

Essays : Lear as a Victim of Circumstance Premium Content Lear as a Victim of Circumstance = By Gareth Owen - October 27, 2002 - Previous essay Next essay Why, in spite of everything do we like Lear and are on his side? Ultimately any pathos that lies with Lear is due to the fact that he, like all Shakespeare's tragic heroes, does not deserve the severity of the punishment he receives. More

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Lear Corporation NYSE : LEA Fast Forward * About Lear * Management * Board of Directors * Company Overview * Careers at Lear * Diversity at Lear * Policy Documents More

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"King Lear and the Fool in the Storm" by William Dyce (1806-1864) "King Lear and the Fool in the Storm" by William Dyce (1806-1864) King Lear is generally regarded as one of William Shakespeare's greatest tragedies. It is based on the legend of Leir of Britain, a legendary king of Brythons (Britain). More

Lear in Sicily A picture story: Lear's and John Proby's adventures during an 1847 trip. Other Posthumous Works Earlier Limerick Books Lear Knew - - There was an Old Derry down Derry... Edward Lear's Nonsense Poetry and Art Page layout More

There are really two plots in King Lear, a main plot and a fully developed subplot. Each has its own set of characters. In the main plot, there is the head of the family, the 80-plus-year-old king of Britain, Lear. He has three daughters, Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia. The Duke of Albany is married to the oldest, Goneril, and the Duke of Cornwall is married to Regan, the middle daughter. Cordelia has two suitors, the Duke of Burgundy and the King of France. More

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The setting of King Lear is as far removed from Shakespeare’s time as the setting of any of his other plays, dramatizing events from the eighth century b.c. But the parallel stories of Lear’s and Gloucester’s sufferings at the hands of their own children reflect anxieties that would have been close to home for Shakespeare’s audience. More

storm seems both to point out the weakness of Lear’s royal power in the face of nature’s supremacy and to imply that the gods are angry at the state of human affairs. Such anger is likely directed not only at Lear’s enemies for their ruthless and cruel ambition but also at Lear for his initial callous treatment of Cordelia. Close 2. More

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LearLear - British artist and writer of nonsense verse (1812-1888)Edward Lear 2. LearLear - the hero of William Shakespeare's tragedy who was betrayed and mistreated by two of his scheming daughtersKing Lear How to thank TFD for its existence? Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, add the site to iGoogle, or visit webmaster's page for free fun content. More

As tragedies, King Lear and Othello resemble each other in how great a portion of the play is given over to an extended exhibition of the suffering which the principal character undergoes. Many critics have testified to how painful it was for them to sit through the long and intense scenes in which Othello and Lear endure mental and emotional agony. More

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Order : Psittaciformes
Family : Psittacidae
Genus : Anodorhynchus
Species : leari
Authority : Bonaparte, 1856