Genus Rollandia


Titicaca flightless grebe - This is a mid-sized grebe, varying from 28-45 cm in overall length. It weighs up to 600 g. Its coloration is unmistakable. The only grebe species it somewhat resembles is the unrelated Red-necked Grebe which is not found in South America. The only congener, the White-tufted Grebe, does not look very similar. The color pattern of the Titicaca Grebe is altogether similar to that of the Red-necked Grebe, but it has a darker belly, and a white throat patch that runs down the neck nearly to the breast. Due to the short wings, the rufous flanks can usually be seen. The ornamental plumes on the head are a vestigial version of those of the White-tufted Grebe, but dark. Iris and the lower bill are yellow. Juveniles and non-breeding adults are duller, lack the ornamental plumes, and in the case of the former have rufous stripes on the sides of the head and more white on the neck, so that the rufous breast does not show in swimming birds.

White-tufted Grebe - Its natural habitat is freshwater lakes.

Order : Podicipediformes
Family : Podicipedidae
Genus : Rollandia