Chinese Fulvetta

It is found in China and India.

The Chinese Fulvetta is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The Chinese Fulvetta (Fulvetta striaticollis) is a bird species in the family Sylviidae. Like the other typical fulvettas, it was long included in the Timaliidae genus Alcippe. It is found in China and India. References - * BirdLife International 2004. Alcippe striaticollis. 2006 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Downloaded on 25 July 2007. * Collar, N. J. & Robson, C. 2007. Family Timaliidae (Babblers) Pp. More

The Chinese Fulvetta (Fulvetta striaticollis) is a species of bird in the Timaliidae family. It is found in China and India. - ABOUT ME More

Chinese Fulvetta Alcippe striaticollis Chinese Fulvetta Photographer : More

* Chinese Fulvetta, Fulvetta striaticollis * White-browed Fulvetta, Fulvetta vinipectus * Grey-hooded Fulvetta, Fulvetta cinereiceps * Taiwan Fulvetta, Fulvetta formosana - formerly in F. cinereiceps * Streak-throated Fulvetta, Fulvetta manipurensis - formerly in F. cinereiceps * Ludlow's Fulvetta, Fulvetta ludlowi - tentatively placed here Footnotes - 1. More

Chinese Fulvetta Alcippe striaticollis = Described by: Verreaux, J. (1870) Alternate common name(s): Stripe-necked Fulvetta, Chinese Mountain Fulvetta, Mountain Fulvetta, Striped Fulvetta Old scientific name(s): None known by website authors Photographs No photographs are available for this species Range Se. Tibet to sw. and c. China (sw. Kansu, se. Tsinghai s. through Szechwan to nw. Yunnan). More

Chinese Fulvetta Alcippe striaticollis 19. Grey-hooded Fulvetta Fulvetta cinereiceps 20. Three-toed Parrotbill Paradoxornis paradoxus 21. Rusty-throated Parrotbill Paradoxornis przewalskii 22. Spectacled Parrotbill Paradoxornis conspicillatus 23. Sooty Tit Aegithalos fuliginosus 24. White-browed Tit Poecile superciliosa 25. Père David's (Rusty-breasted) Tit Poecile davidi 26. Sichuan Treecreeper Certhia tianquanensis 27. More

Chinese Fulvetta Alcippe striaticollis 22+ bird-days on the Sichuan border, and up to c8 daily in the Nangqian forest reserve (4 max daily). An unobtrusive endemic... More

several new endemics like Chinese Fulvetta, and our first of many Elliot's Laughingthrushes for the trip. Other new species for the tour found up there included the exquisite Blue-fronted Redstart, Golden Eagle, Mountain Hawk-Eagle, Rufous-vented Tit, Chestnut Thrush and White-browed Rosefinch; while both White-throated & Brown Dippers were seen on the rivers alongside the road leading up there as were a number of White-capped Redstarts a bird good-looking bird seen frequently throughout the tour. More

Chinese Fulvetta, China, Sichuan june 2006 © Collaerts Erwin Chinese Fulvetta - Showing Records 1 through 1 of 1 Total Records More

Chinese Fulvetta The Chinese Fulvetta (Alcippe striaticollis) is a species of bird in the Timaliidae family. It is found in China and India. See more at This article uses material from Wikipedia® and is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License Wikipedia Português A enciclopédia livre Download this dictionary Alcippe striaticollis Alcippe striaticollis é uma espécie de ave da família Sylviidae. More

too brief for most, and a pair of Chinese Fulvetta quietly fed on the ground as did a showy pair of vocal Blood Pheasant. A Yellowish-bellied Bush-warbler went through its full repertoire just feet away, sitting on an open branch for all to admire. As we left the forest for the open plains weigoldei Dusky Warbler, Kessler’s Thrush and a fine pair of White-browed Tit-Warblers favoured the low scrub, as White-throated Redstarts became an increasingly common sight. More

Brown Dipper, Songar Tit, Chinese Fulvetta and best of all, a pair of Crimson-browed Finch (see GPS wp 98). Ca 1 km before/above two white stupas on either side of the road (see GPS wp 97) one overlooks a wooded valley with some cliffs at the far side of the valley (looking left coming down). Here, Golden Eagle should be breeding at a cliff where also Snow and Hill Pigeons and Wallcreeper are found. More

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Timaliidae
Genus : Alcippe
Species : striaticollis
Authority : (Verreaux, 1870)