Genus Bathmocercus


Black-faced Rufous Warbler - The Black-Faced Rufous Warbler is a species of bird in the Cisticolidae family. It is found in Cameroon, Central African Republic, Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and subtropical or tropical moist montanes.


Bathmocercus winifredae - Mrs. Moreau's Warbler , also known as the Winifred's Warbler, is a species of bird in the Cisticolidae family. The genus Sceptomycter has traditionally been considered monotypic, but in 2009 a closely related new species was described, the Rubeho Warbler. Alternatively, the Mrs Moreau's Warbler is sometimes included in the genus Bathmocercus. It is endemic to montane forest in the Uluguru Mountains in Tanzania. Populations in the Rubeho-Ukaguru Mountains are the very similar Rubeho Warbler, and the status as vulnerable is for the "combined" species. It is threatened by habitat loss.

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Sylviidae
Genus : Bathmocercus