Genus Pardalotus

Spotted Pardalote - All Pardalotes have spots and all nest in tunnels at least sometimes, the Spotted Pardalote has the most conspicuous spots and always nests in tunnels. Pairs make soft, whistling wheet-wheet calls to one another throughout the day which carry for quite a distance.


Forty-spotted Pardalote - About 9 to 10 cm long, it is similar to the much more common Spotted Pardalote, , but has a dull greenish-brown back and head, compared to the more colorful plumage of the former, with which it shares range, and there is no brow line. Rump is olive, under-tail dull yellow. Chest white with light yellow tints. Wings are black with white tips, appearing as many discrete dots when the wings are folded. No seasonal variation in plumage; juveniles slightly less colorful than adults.


Red-browed Pardalote - It is rare in the eastern part of its range, it is common in the north-west, where it prefers dry woodlands, mulga, and the trees growing along creekbeds. This beautiful pardalote builds it's nest underground at the end of a tunnel.

Striated Pardalote - Striated Pardalotes occupy a vast range of habitat types, from tall mountain rainforest to arid scrubland, and are found in all parts of Australia except some of the Western Australian deserts.

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Pardalotidae
Genus : Pardalotus