Genus Nucifraga

Spotted Nutcracker - The Nutcracker was one of the many species originally described by Linnaeus in his 18th century work, Systema Naturae, and it still bears its original name of Nucifraga caryocatactes. Other Germanic languages have etymologically related names: Danish: Nøddekrige; Dutch: Notenkraker; Norwegian: Nøttekråke; Swedish: Nötkråka.

Clark's nutcracker - It can be seen in western North America from British Columbia and western Alberta in the north to Baja California and western New Mexico in the south. There is also a small isolated population on the peak of Cerro Potosí, elevation 3,700 metres , in Nuevo León, northeast Mexico. It is mainly found in mountains at altitudes of 900–3,900 metres in pine forest. Outside the breeding season, it may wander extensively to lower altitudes and also further east as far as Illinois , particularly following any cone crop failure in its normal areas.

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Corvidae
Genus : Nucifraga