Black-breasted Buttonquail

The Black-breasted Buttonquail was originally described by ornithologist John Gould in 1837. Its specific epithet is derived from the Ancient Greek terms melano- black, and gaster belly.

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The Black-breasted Buttonquail is classified as Vulnerable (VU), considered to be facing a high risk of extinction in the wild.

The Black-breasted Buttonquail (Turnix melanogaster) is a rare buttonquail endemic to eastern Australia, where it is usually found in rainforest. Like other buttonquails, it is unrelated to the true quails. Both sexes have marbled black, rufous, pale brown and white plumage, but the female is larger than the male and has a more extensive black face and chin. More

* Black-breasted Buttonquail Male 'spinning' amongst leaf-litter in search of food. Inskip Point, Rainbow Beach, Queensland, Australia Tom Tarrant 30 October 2005 1 year ago 3. More

13) Black-breasted Buttonquail I'd love to see some of these birds !! __________________ Robin Man of Kent. ... Gruiformes: ...( 54 ), Turnix ocellata, Spotted Buttonquail. ( 55 ), Turnix melanogaster, Black-breasted Buttonquail. ( 56 ), Turnix varia, Painted Buttonquail. ... Birds: Turnicidae: 1866); Turnix melanogaster (Gould, 1837) - Black-breasted Buttonquail; Turnix castanotus (Gould, 1840) - Chestnut-backed Buttonquail; ... Lamington: ...tailed Thrush. More

populations of the buff-breasted and black-breasted buttonquails were estimated at 500 and 5,000 breeding individuals, respectively, and that of the plainswanderer at a minimum of 2,500 during droughts. Significance to humans Many species of buttonquail are hunted for food by indigenous peoples in developing countries, and they were formerly regarded as game birds elsewhere, although as of 2001 they were no longer legal game birds in most Western countries. More

Order : Gruiformes
Family : Turnicidae
Genus : Turnix
Species : melanogaster
Authority : (Gould, 1837)