Black Cuckoo

The Black Cuckoo is a medium sized cuckoo. The plumage varies by subspecies, Cuculus clamosus clamosus is either almost entirely black with a white buff on the chest or entirely black; Cuculus clamosus gabonensis is mostly black with a red throat and black and white barring on the belly.

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The Black Cuckoo is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The Black Cuckoo (Cuculus clamosus) is a species of cuckoo in the Cuculidae family. The species is distributed widely across sub-Saharan Africa. The subspecies Cuculus clamosus gabonensis is a resident in Central Africa, whereas the Southern African subspecies Cuculus clamosus clamosus is migratory, breeding in Southern Africa in September to December, then moving in March to Central, Eastern and West Africa. The Black Cuckoo is a medium sized cuckoo. More

The Black Cuckoo is a brood parasite. Its main hosts are bushshrikes, particularly the Tropical Boubou and Crimson-breasted Shrike. - ABOUT ME More

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black cuckoo kruger national park birds The Black Cuckoo (Latin name Cuculus clamosus) is described in Roberts Birds of Southern Africa, 7th Edition. This bird has a unique Roberts number of 378 and you will find a full description of this bird on page 206 also a picture of the Black Cuckoo on page 208. The Black Cuckoo belongs to the family of birds classified as cuculidae. The map of the Kruger you see on this page shows the areas (coloured orange) where this bird has been identified. More

English: African Black Cuckoo Shrike, African Black Cuckooshrike, Black Cuckoo shrike, Black Cuckooshrike, Black Cuckoo-shrike Spanish: Oruguero Hombroamarillo, Oruguero Negro Africano Finnish: Akaasiakäpinkäinen French: Echenilleur à épaulettes jaunes, Échenilleur à épaulettes jaunes, Échenilleur noir Italian: Averla cuculo nera, Mangiabruchi nero africano Japanese: afurikakurosanshoukui, kurooosanshoukui Japanese: アフリカクロサンショウクイ, クロオオサンショウクィ, クロオオサンショウクイ Latin: Campephaga flava, Campephaga hartlaubii, Campephaga poensis, Campephaga sulphurata Dutch: Kaapse Rupsvogel Norwegian: Svartlarveeter Sotho, Northern: Rankwitšidi More

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Order : Cuculiformes
Family : Cuculidae
Genus : Cuculus
Species : clamosus
Authority : Latham, 1801