Genus Stercorarius

Long-tailed Skua - This is the smallest of the skua family at about 38cm length, excluding the elongated central tail feathers of the summer adult, which can add another 20cm or so.

Arctic Skua - This species breeds in the north of Eurasia and North America, with significant populations as far south as northern Scotland. It nests on dry tundra, higher fells and islands, laying up to four olive-brown eggs. It is usually silent except for newing and wailing notes while on the breeding grounds. Like other skuas, it will fly at the head of a human or fox approaching its nest. Although it cannot inflict serious damage, it is a frightening and painful experience. It is a migrant, wintering at sea in the tropics and southern oceans.

Pomarine Skua - Its relationships are not fully resolved; its mitochondrial DNA is most similar to the Great Skua . Judging from characteristics of the skeleton and behavior, the former seems more likely, as the Pomarine Skua shares several similarities with the "Catharacta" Skuas, while the Great Skua does not seem much different from its Southern Hemisphere relatives.

Order : Charadriiformes
Family : Stercorariidae
Genus : Stercorarius