Genus Rhodonessa

Pink-headed duck - The Pink-headed Duck is a large diving duck that was once found in parts of the Gangetic plains of India, Bangladesh and in the riverine swamps of Myanmar but feared extinct since the 1950s. Numerous searches have failed to provide any proof of continued existence. It has been suggested that it may exist in the inaccessible swamp regions of northern Myanmar and some sight reports from that region have led to its status being declared as "critically endangered" rather than extinct. The genus placement has been disputed and while some have suggested that it is close to the pochards, particularly Netta rufina, others have placed it in a separate genus of its own. It is somewhat unique in the pink colouration of the head combined with a dark body. A small wing patch is prominent, a feature also found in the common Indian Spot-billed Duck. The eggs have also been held as particularly peculiar in being nearly spherical.

Order : Anseriformes
Family : Anatidae
Genus : Rhodonessa