Order : Sirenia
Family : Trichechidae
Genus : Trichechus


Animals in the genus Trichechus

Amazonian manatee
West Indian manatee
African manatee
Facts about the genus Trichechus, the manatees

On the other hand, a "Manatees Trichechus" is so specific, that you can not define it as anything but a Manatee, Seacow, or "Big gray mammal that swims around in Florida's waterways" (and at the Cincinnati Zoo).

” The scientific genus name Trichechus is Latin for hair.

” The scientific genus name Trichechus is Latin for hair.

Numbering just 2,300 in the United States, these endangered and exotic animals -- whose closest relative is the elephant -- reside almost exclusively in Florida; the largest concentration of manatees is in Crystal River.

Sexually Frustrated Manatees: Is anti-American sentiment really caused by Wal-Mart? (Full text)

Petersburg Times,published September 10, 2001 Saving the manatees is a part of our concern for God's creation and deserves the support of those of us who are trustees under God for that creation. (Full text)

Putting transmitters on all manatees is logistically infeasible.

" Another way to help the Manatees is that people should be taught about the problems faced by Manatees so that they would stop hunting them and harming them with their fishing nets and boats. (Full text)

But the most critical problem for manatees is boating accidents.

The world population of manatees is extremely endangered. (Full text)

There are approximately 2,600 West Indian manatees left in the United States The reproductive rate for manatees is slow.

The attraction for the Manatees is the many springs in the river that are always 72°F. (Full text)

The reproductive rate for manatees is slow.

CNN - Experts race to find why manatees are dying - Apr.

Manatees are slow swimmers. (Full text)

Scientists believe that manatees are capable of living for 60 years or more, and one manatee in captivity is now over 50 years old. (Full text)

Petersburg Times, published January 12, 2001 I am sure you have heard it said again and again: Manatees are the gentle giants that have no enemies except man. (Full text)

People play with manatees Manatees are cute and friendly, so people want to touch them and play with them.

html I found: "In contrast to whales and dolphins, manatees aren't deep-diving marine mammals. (Full text)

Manatees are large mammals that live in warm shallow water near the coast.

The Manatees are Coming! (Full text)

com - Manatees Are Lovable Huge Things [Music Download] -

Florida suggests manatees are no longer endangered

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