Prairie dogs

Prairie dogs

Order : Rodentia
Suborder : Sciurognathi
Family : Sciuridae
Subfamily : Sciurinae
Genus : Cynomys


Animals in the genus Cynomys

Black-tailed prairie dog
Facts about the genus Cynomys, the prairie dogs

"Prairie dog" is a misnomer, as Cynomys is actually a ground squirrel. (Full text)

Main Entry: cynomys cynomys is one of more than 1,000,000 entries available at Merriam-WebsterUnabridged. (Full text)

prairie-dog hole: The prairie-dog (Cynomys) is a burrowing squirrel-like rodent of the American plains, named for its sharp, barklike call.

Its genus name, Cynomys, is from the Greek words, kynos , for dog and mys for mouse.

The prairie dog (genus Cynomys) is a rodent even though the word dog is in the name.

here the Prairie Dog (Cynomys) is fonnd, in the lower Sonoran valleys of nrtheastern and sontheastern Arizona, and decidedly rare elsewhere. (Full text)

The prairie dog Cynomys is a small North American rodent that lives in burrows on the plains.

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com - Illness caused by pet prairie dogs is possibly monkeypox (Full text)

While the social life of prairie dogs is interesting and much studied, their role in grassland ecology is equally fascinating. (Full text)

Mysterious illness caused by pet prairie dogs is possibly monkeypox 0) top. (Full text)

NewsChannel 9 WSYR - Rare outbreak: Illness caused by pet prairie dogs is possibly monkeypox

WKRC 12 Cincinnati - Rare outbreak: Illness caused by pet prairie dogs is possibly monkeypox

But the greatest enemy to prairie dogs is people. (Full text)

That the ferruginous hawk is closely associated with prairie dogs is apparent from research which suggests that ground squirrels and prairie dogs are the top food source for the ferruginous hawk (Olendorff 1993).

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Related Species Prairie Dogs are the most social members of the Squirrel Family and are closely related to ground squirrels, chipmunks and marmots. (Full text)

But Slobodchikoff believes prairie dogs are communicating detailed information to one another about what animals are showing up in their colonies, and maybe even gossiping.

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When prairie dogs are mad, they do a little mechanical sound which in human language sounds like "DEE! (Full text)

Black-tailed prairie dogs are a yellowish tan on the back and lighter on the belly. (Full text)

Despite declining numbers, prairie dogs are an official pest in some Western states.

Ever wonder what prairie dogs are chirping about while they stand on the lip of their mounds?

Prairie dogs are burrowing rodents that live in the grasslands of western North America. (Full text)

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