Fat dormouse

Fat dormouse

Order : Rodentia
Suborder : Sciurognathi
Family : Myoxidae
Subfamily : Myoxinae
Genus : Myoxus


Facts about the genus Myoxus, the fat dormouse

Dormouse There are 21 different types of dormice and the fat dormouse is the largest in Europe.

Legal status The edible dormouse (Glis glis), also known as the fat dormouse, is a native of continental Europe and was introduced to this country in 1902 as part of a wildlife collection at Tring, Hertfordshire.

Myoxus Myoxus is the dormouse genus of animals.

The fat dormouse is treated as a game species in Slovenia.

The occurence of the fat dormouse is as well a novelty.

From Wikispecies The International Commission of Zoological Nomenclature has pointed out that Glis, not Myoxus, is the correct name, so that the family should also be named Gliridae, not Myoxidae. (Wiki)

back to topBiology The fat dormouse is nocturnal, and lives in groups with related individuals (4). (Full text)

The fat dormouse is the largest dormouse in Europe. (Full text)

In some areas Myoxus is considered extremely harmful to the production of fruit and wine. (Full text)

Myoxus is totally different. (Full text)

The fat dormouse is the most abundant of the three rare dormouse species: eight localities are known in Lithuania now. (Full text)

The two new localities for the fat dormouse are the seventh and eighth recorded areas for this species known in Lithuania at the present time. (Full text)

We have also evidence that the Fat dormouse is, also in the island, a cave dwelling such as in the Abisso del Gatto (Madonie range). (Full text)

Extremely shy small animals such as the common dormouse and fat dormouse are difficult to observe in the wild as they conceal themselves from humans. (Full text)

Research Myosotis MYOXUS Myoxus is the dormouse genus of animals. (Full text)

The fat dormouse is protected by law in our country, but that is not enough to ensure its survival. (Full text)

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