Garden dormice

Garden dormice

Order : Rodentia
Suborder : Sciurognathi
Family : Myoxidae
Subfamily : Leithiinae
Genus : Eliomys


Animals in the genus Eliomys

Garden dormouse
Facts about the genus Eliomys, the garden dormice

De groene pers Eliomys is het Tijdschrift van de Nationale Zoogdierenwerkgroep van de Jeugdbond voor Natuurstudie en Milieubescherming VZW Natuurreservaten is het ledenblad van de vereniging voor Natuurbehoud in Vlaanderen, waarin af en toe ook het konijn, en z'n verre verwant de haas, optreedt.

Garden dormice are trapped most abundantly during early spring and again during midsummer, when their offspring forage. (Full text)

ricinus ticks are most abundant in early summer, before the next generation of garden dormice is born, and infectivity for ticks increases with age of this host. (Full text)

Garden dormice are abundant in all regions where A14S-like spirochetes have been detected: in The Netherlands, where A14S-spirochetes were first isolated from a patient, in the Czech Republic, where A14S-like spirochetes (strain I-77) have recently been identified in a questing I. (Full text)

Thus, the distribution of garden dormice is associated with particular landscapes and may be somewhat more restricted than that of other small rodents. (Full text)

Eliomys is het tijdschrift van de Zoogdierenwerkgroep. (Full text)

The common name is not fully appropriate as Eliomys is generally found in extensive forests in Europe (Grzimek 1975; Ognev 1963). (Full text)

d) Conservation The Common and the Garden dormice are protected by law in Italy and Sicily according to the EEC Directory 92/43 and they were listed as vulnerable in the national Red List (Bulgarini et al. (Full text)

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