Order : Rodentia
Suborder : Sciurognathi
Family : Muridae
Subfamily : Arvicolinae
Genus : Volemys


Facts about the genus Volemys, the voles

Also known as “meadow mice,” voles are small rodents belonging to the family Arvicolidae.

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One simple way to tell if you have voles is to look for small golfball size holes around the tunnels.

Resting and daily energy expenditures of free-living field voles are positively correlated but reflect extrinsic rather than intrinsic effects -- Speakman et al.

The economic threshold for voles is very low; any sighting indicates the need for control measures.

The typical vole litter contains three to six pups, but the high reproductive potential of voles is offset dramatically by a high mortality rate.

Development of meadow voles is influenced postnatally by maternal photoperiodic history -- Lee 265 (4): 749 -- AJP - Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology (Full text)

Members of the genus "Microtus," voles are rodents with stocky bodies, blunt noses and small round ears that are hidden by fur. (Full text)

To make matters worse, voles are sometimes referred to as "meadow mice" or "field mice. (Full text)

Voles Voles are mice that have fuzzy coats and short tails. (Full text)

Partner preference development in female prairie voles is facilitated by mating or the central infusion of oxytocin -- Williams et al. (Full text)

The typical natural habitat for voles is the shrubby edge between the woods and meadow openings. (Full text)

Eight species of voles are found in Colorado. (Full text)

Science News: Voles are addicted to love - rodent research indicates that choosing a mate can affect the brain in the same way that it might be affected by drugs - Brief Article (Full text)

Two species of voles are responsible for the majority of damage. (Full text)

Press Release: A brighter future for water voles is promised (Full text)

Voles are compact animals with stocky bodies, short legs and a short tail. (Full text)

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