Fat mice

Fat mice

Order : Rodentia
Suborder : Sciurognathi
Family : Muridae
Subfamily : Dendromurinae
Genus : Steatomys


Facts about the genus Steatomys, the fat mice

Aim 2 will test whether any peptides found to be altered by the chronic cocaine or methamphetamine in the fat mice are similarly altered in wild type mice.

Carboxypeptidase E deficiency as seen in the fat/fat mice is associated with reduced antral somatostatin content but tripling of the progastrin product.

fat mice are cool!

Soft to the touch, fluffy fat mice are unique.

The Cpefat allele is transcribed normally in islets, pituitary, adrenal and brain, but the quantity and activity of CPE in tissues of homozygous fat mice are severely reduced.

Cpefat/fat mice are obese, diabetic, and infertile. (Full text)

As GnRH is a major regulator of reproduction in mammals, it has been presumed that the infertility in Cpefat/fat mice is due to abnormal pro-GnRH processing (17). (Full text)

Fat storage as a method of survival has rebounded to some extent as far as the fat mice are concerned. (Full text)

Cpefat/fat mice are obese, diabetic, and infertile. (Full text)

edu' + u + '@' + d + ''//--> Cpefat/fat mice are obese, diabetic, and infertile. (Full text)

The results demonstrate that, similar to ob and db animals, a high degree of adiposity in tubby and fat mice is associated with elevated levels of ob expression. (Full text)

(11) have found that Cpefat/fat mice are defective in their ability to thermoregulate. (Full text)

The precise cause of obesity in Cpefat/fat mice is not known, although it is likely caused by reduced levels of one or more peptides that function in the control of body weight. (Full text)

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