Spiny mice

Spiny mice

Order : Rodentia
Suborder : Sciurognathi
Family : Muridae
Subfamily : Sigmodontinae
Genus : Scolomys


Facts about the genus Scolomys, the spiny mice

All in all, many say that sexing spiny mice is difficult.

An important thing to notice with these spiny mice is, that they need a lot of space and a lot of toys to occupy their minds with.

Cage Size: The minimum cage size for a pair of spiny mice is a ten gallon tank.

Feeding Main diet for spiny mice is rat/mouse lab blocks.

Health: Only known disease of spiny mice is diabetes caused by fatness.

Spiny mice are mature at the age of seven weeks and they are fully grown at one hundred fifty days.

Spiny Mice are NOT domestic animals!

Spiny mice are really omnivorous animals, it is rare that a spinie says "yak" to anything closely resembling food.

The biggest concern in any grouping of spiny mice is overcrowding.

The difference between male and female spiny mice isn't always easy to spot.

This is exactly why spiny mice are chubby, they love eating.

True Egyptian Spiny Mice are dark grey with a white belly, and their "spines" go all the way up their back.

Spiny Mice are fast, adoreable mice from Egypt. (Full text)

Spiny Mice are from Africa and are not like the fancy mice in the fact that they do have spiny hair on their rump and do NOT bite. (Full text)

Other species of spiny mice are found in central and southern Africa, India, Asia and the Western hemisphere. (Full text)

Spiny mice are easy to handle, highly curious and energetic, have low, simple maintenance requirements, and virtually no odor. (Full text)

The biggest concern in any grouping of spiny mice is overcrowding. (Full text)

Spiny Mice are a fairly new and still uncommon addition to the world of small exotic pets, and these beautiful and engaging members of the rodent family make wonderful pets in a wide variety of situations. (Full text)

Health: The only known disease of spiny mice is diabetes (caused by obesity). (Full text)

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