Dwarf hamsters and small desert hamsters

Dwarf hamsters and small desert hamsters

Order : Rodentia
Suborder : Sciurognathi
Family : Muridae
Subfamily : Cricetinae
Genus : Phodopus


Animals in the genus Phodopus

Dzhungarian hamster
Facts about the genus Phodopus, the dwarf hamsters and small desert hamsters

AM: Syrian hamsters are supposed to be solitary once they are weaned, but that's not the case with dwarf hamsters is it?

Dwarf hamsters are much more sociable than the more common Syrian hamster.

Dwarf Hamsters are nocturnal so don't be worried if your hamster isn't awake during the day they are awake at night and you need to put a wheel in your hamsters cage.

Dwarf hamsters are smaller than commonly kept Syrian hamsters.

Dwarf Hamsters are very small, cute, clean, gentle little furry critters.

Every concern you could have about your dwarf hamsters is covered.

sg - Dwarf hamsters are BACK

The best cage for dwarf hamsters, is a an aquarium.

The great assortment of color and coat type in Campbell’s Dwarf Hamsters is a relatively new thing.

The Russian Dwarf Hamsters are friendly animals and are happy in groups or pairs.

Topic: Gerbils & HamstersExpert:SuziDate:10/10/2003 Subject:Mating Dwarf hamsters Questioni was wondering if you knew any ways i can tell if my Dwarf hamsters are mating cuz i keep 3 boys(i think they are boys)in the same cage an 2 of then are aways together and they act weird with each other, At first i thought that they were always together and ignoring (mostly) the runt cuz he was the runt but now i am not sure thanks i hope you can helpAnswerhello, I have a feeling dwarf hamsters are best kept in pairs, becuase three is an odd number anyways, that could be one reason they are leaving the little one out! (Full text)

Phodopus Sungorus (Russian Dwarf Hamsters) copyright: (c) 1993 by Jean McGuire (reprinted with permission) Russian Dwarf Hamsters are becoming increasingly available as pets. (Full text)

a Phodopus is. (Full text)

Another type of cage that is better suited to the Dwarf Hamsters is the modular systems (i. (Full text)

Dwarf Hamsters: Breeding dwarf hamsters is just a little different than the Golden hamster since pairs or even colonies of adults can be kept together. (Full text)

Dwarf hamsters are native to the arid desert regions of Siberia, Mongolia, Manchuria, and northern China. (Full text)

The best housing for a pair of Dwarf hamsters is a glass or plastic aquarium with a mesh lid. (Full text)

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