Grasshopper mice

Grasshopper mice

Order : Rodentia
Suborder : Sciurognathi
Family : Muridae
Subfamily : Sigmodontinae
Genus : Onychomys


Facts about the genus Onychomys, the grasshopper mice

Grasshopper mice are highly territorial, and initial encounters between individuals are vocal and violent.

Grasshopper mice are known to use the burrows of other creatures, but they prefer to dig their .

Grasshopper mice are mostly nocturnal, staying in a burrow during the day.

In appearance, grasshopper mice are difficult to distinguish from other mice, having a typically small build, gray-brown fur, and large ears.

One, the grasshopper mouse of North America (Onychomys) is predacious, taking all sorts of invertebrates and even small rodents when they can be overpowered.

Reproduction Grasshopper mice are capable of breeding year-round, but most reproductive activity occurs during the late spring and the summer.

The basis for neutralization of the toxicity of this venom in Onychomys is not known.

-- Currently, Tulare grasshopper mice are known to occur along the western margin of the Tulare Basin, including western Kern County, Carrizo Plain Natural Area, along the Cuyama Valley side of the Caliente Mountains, San Luis Obispo County, and the Ciervo-Panoche Region, in Fresno and San Benito Counties (Williams and Kilburn 1992, D. (Full text)

-- Specific information on the reproduction and the mating system of Tulare grasshopper mice is unknown. (Full text)

Grasshopper mice are found primarily in the arid Southwest, an area where human activity is bringing rapid change. (Full text)

Distribution: Northern grasshopper mice are found in arid and semiarid regions ranging from Mexico through central and western United States and into Canada. (Full text)

Habits: Northern grasshopper mice are uncommon in Kansas. (Full text)

[NARRATOR HOWLS] [MUSIC: Elliot Smith "Bye" FIGURE EIGHT (Dreamworks – 2000)] CURWOOD: Our story on Grasshopper mice is part of the "Hearing Voices" series that is funded, in part, by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. (Full text)

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