Packrats and woodrats

Packrats and woodrats

Order : Rodentia
Suborder : Sciurognathi
Family : Muridae
Subfamily : Sigmodontinae
Genus : Neotoma


Animals in the genus Neotoma

Bushy-tailed woodrat
Facts about the genus Neotoma, the packrats and woodrats

"Packrats are us"

Another feature common to areas inhabited by woodrats is the large caches of foodstuffs found crumpled and stuffed into cracks and crevices in the rocks.

” Her practical advice to office packrats is to “throw away or recycle any unnecessary duplicates, outdated draft copies, and otherwise unnecessary material before you clutter your life with more filing cabinets.

Biology Adult woodrats are 16 to 17 inches long, including a 7- to 8-inch tail, and weigh 13 ounces to one pound.

Both eastern and bushy-tailed woodrats are solitary, mostly nocturnal rodents that are active throughout the year.

Bushytail Woodrats is a 'pest' (an unwanted organism) that can be controlled through the use of pesticides.

For a brief glimpse of what packing the apartment of two longtime packrats is like, see dante's inferno.

Indeed, the fly made for Packrats is very different, and I understand that difference to be why it was originally rejected by Porter.

Much of the collecting behavior of woodrats is thought to be a response to potential predation.

My own Packrats are worse, geo.

Neotoma is a series of publications available free from the Canadian Museum of Nature.

Packrats are people who have the art of ‘clutterization’ down to a science.

Packrats are people who have the art of ‘clutterization’ down to a science.

Packrats are people who have the art of clutterization down to) Tj ET Q q 0.

Packrats is one of several projects to rely on the native abilities of animals.

Pesticides, such as products to control Bushytail Woodrats, are regulated by State Departments of Agriculture.

Post (1992) suggested that the energy content of food items stored by woodrats is significantly reduced over time because of a decline in the lipid content of the cached materials.

Scientific name: The genus name Neotoma is from the Greek words neos (new) and tomos (sharp or cutting), a reference to the teeth distinguishing a new genus of rodent.

Status The existence of woodrats is easily confirmed by the presence of latrines.

Synonyms, ordered by estimated frequency Coordinate Terms Hypernyms (packrats is a kind of.

The high abundance of fossil Neotoma is consistent with expectations because their middens produced the Pit Sequence and modern Neotoma is often sighted in the cave.

The presence of woodrats is usually obvious by the large houses built from sticks, twigs, cacti, horse and cow manure, and other bits of plant materials and man-made debris.

Third, the subgenus Neotoma is composed of four species groups (floridana, lepida, mexicana, and micropus).

Woodrats are fairly protected in their dens, but still owls and coyotes take a toll as do gopher snakes and rattlesnakes.

Woodrats are known to collect leaves, seeds, flowers, bones, shells, exoskeletons, and other materials from an area about 100 yards from the midden.

Neotoma is an incredible exhibition about collections. (Full text)

Mom/Daughter Packrats is a mother/daughter partnership with a combined experience of 45+ years. (Full text)

Woodrats are scattered through forested Eastern mountains where they live in caves, boulder fields and rocky ledges where there are deep crevices into which they retreat and build their nests. (Full text)

If the reproductive capacity of white-throated woodrats is compromised by infection with WWAV and the virus is more readily spread among rats when the population is large, we would expect subsequent generations to be smaller. (Full text)

Packrats are widespread in arid western North America, and have been collected as far north as British Columbia. (Full text)

Due to their habit of storing small "treasures" in their stick nests, woodrats are often called "pack rats. (Full text)

Be proud of your strange random crud For someday it may save someone's keister Believe in your packrattishness 'Cause we packrats are just the best. (Full text)

'Packrats' is our club. (Full text)

Location: Lazarus The Nomadic Peoples of Neotoma is a massive, environmentally stunning nation, remarkable for its compulsory military service. (Full text)

The most common misconception amongst packrats is the belief that one must hold onto absolutely everything because it is inevitable that it will one day come in handy. (Full text)

:) This family of packrats is living in an old storage container (a file cabinet) in my Dad's little cabin where he keeps all of his tools and such. (Full text)

cruiseroutfit02-17-2005, 08:13 PMAnyone know if the Park City Packrats are still hanging around? (Full text)

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